AirBake by WearEver Nonstick Perforated Pizza Pan

AirBake by WearEver Nonstick Perforated Pizza Pan

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Finally, a pizza pan that allows you to get a really crispy crust without burning. This Maxima Plus pan features the original AirBake insulation that controls and distributes heat, with hundreds of holes that let moisture escape, so the crust won't get soggy. As an added plus, its nonstick surface is scratch-resistant""you can even use metal utensils. Dishwasher safe; rustproof. Made in USA.

  • 2 layers of aluminum surround air pocket for even heating
  • 15-3/4-inch nonstick pizza pan bakes crust evenly without burning
  • Dozens of small perforations release moisture while spreading heat
  • Nonstick surface releases dough easily
  • Rust- and scratch-resistant; dishwasher-safe


SKU 5059408337
Manufacturer Wearever
Material Nonstick

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