Bodum Set of 2 Pavina Double Wall Large Glass

Bodum Set of 2 Pavina Double Wall Large Glass

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The Pavina double wall glasses can be use the whole year round. You can use them for your cold drinks in summer and hot drinks in winter. They are made of a very strong but yet light weight glass (borosilicate glass). They can safely go in the dishwasher and microwave. No coaster needed.

Borosilicate glass is a strong heat-resistant glass that weighs less than traditional glassware. It is stronger than traditional "soda-lime" glass and can be used for everything from drinkware to cookware. Some customers may perceive the glass to be "thin" as they hold it. Borosilicate glass doesn't need to be as thick as traditional glass to be just as strong.

Borosilicate is simply a different type of glass that is resistant to temperature swings and scratching. Because the particles are held together so tightly, borosilicate glass is dishwasher safe and will not become cloudy over time; you can rest assured that after 100 cycles, the glass will be as clear as the day you bought it. Simply treat it as you would any glass product and it will stand up to every day use.


  • Set of 2
  • 15 oz. capacity
  • 6" high, dia 3.1"
  • Color: Transparent


SKU 9996519543
Manufacturer Bodum

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