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The GRILL DOZERTM Steam Cleaning Grill Brush is revolutionizing how grill enthusiast clean their grill. This innovative grilling tool cleans and sanitizes your grill with the power of STEAM.

The spray system releases a fine mist that quickly turns to steam upon contact with your warm grill penetrating the caked-on mess your food left behind. The powerful 3-sided brush is prefect for heavy-duty cleaning, or turn the brush sideways to attack those hard-to-reach areas between and under the grill grates.


  • Ergonomically designed thumb activated spray trigger
  • Elongated 18" reach makes cleaning easy and safe
  • Convenient filling tank location means easy use at any sink or hose
  • Unique wedge design cleans top of grate and in between areas
  • Misting nozzle for steam spray


SKU 16764655
Model Number FCB-501
Manufacturer Grill Dozer
Manufacture Style# FCB-501

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