International Collection Toasted Sesame Oil
International Collection

International Collection Toasted Sesame Oil

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International Collection Toasted Sesame Oil is sourced from Guatemala, Japan and South America, where the seeds are lightly toasted before being expeller pressed. This results in an oil that is deliciously rich and dark brown in colour.  Toasted Sesame Oil is a leading speciality oil and is used extensively in Asian –style cuisine. It has a strong flavor and should therefore be used sparingly in stir-fry’s, to create dressings or dips or simply to drizzle over steamed rice or vegetables.


Toss with noodles and serve with bean sprouts, cucumber and chicken or prawns. Drizzle over Chinese Chicken salad, made with shredded chicken, lettuce, ginger, and Chow Mein noodles. Brush over meat before grilling, frying or barbequing for an aromatic flavor.

  • 8.45 Oz.


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