Professional Knife Sharpening at Chef Central

51b22b73c8885sharpening.pngWe maintain a highly-trained staff, utilizing a commercial quality Tru-Hone sharpening system. This system not only ensures that your knife will be sharp, but also reestablishes the proper angle for your particular knife.

If you’d rather have your knife hand-sharpened, we also specialize in manual whetstone sharpening (recommended for Asian or specialty blades).

Due to the volume of knives that we sharpen and the time that each takes, we do require that knives be dropped off for a maximum of 3 days in order for us to do the job right. We will call you as soon as your knives are ready for you to pick up at your convenience.

Please note that we cannot sharpen serrated knives or scissors.

Professional Knife Sharpening:                 $7.00 per knife, any size blade
Manual Whetstone Knife Sharpening:   $16.00 per knife, any size blade

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