Primula Cast Iron Floral Teapot, 40 Oz. - Blue

Primula Cast Iron Floral Teapot, 40 Oz. - Blue

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Primula’s Japanese Blue Floral Cast Iron Teapot is reminiscent of Japanese cherry blossoms. This traditional blue teapot is as exquisite as it is durable. Cast iron teapots are designed to deliver exceptional tasting tea every time. They distribute heat more evenly, therefore enhancing the flavor of the tea leaves during the brewing process. The cast iron design also traps the heat inside, keeping your tea hot for up to an hour. Primula’s teapot has a distinctive floral pattern on the outside, a tall looped fold-down handle, a removable lid and a short curved spout. Included is a loose tea mesh infuser that sits securely in the pot while the leaves are brewed. The interior of the teapot is fully enameled which makes for easy care and cleaning, and helps prevent rust and oxidation. 


  • 40 Oz.
  • Cast iron
  • Even heat distribution enhances the flavor
  • Keeps tea hot for up to an hour
  • Includes: Packet of loose green tea


SKU 42166894
Manufacturer Primula
Manufacture Style# PCI-4340

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