Whoopie Pies, Hannah Miles
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Whoopie Pies, Hannah Miles

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Move over cupcakes;whoopie pies have come to town! Not quite a cake, not quite a cookie, these delightfully squidgy treats are the new baking craze sweeping the world. Originally an Amish tradition, they can be enjoyed in a variety of flavors with different fillings, as Hannah Miles shows in this colorful collection. Classic Pies are the perfect indulgence. Deliciously simple recipes include Classic Chocolate and Marshmallow Fluff Pies, Pumpkin Pies, Red Velvet Pies, and Pecan Pies. A chapter of less conventional but no less delicious Fruity Pies boasts a juicy Raspberry and Cream Pie, Key Lime Jello Pie, Lemon Sherbet Pie, and Banoffee Pie. Luxury Pies make perfect homebaked gifts and include chocolate-box pretty Rose and Violet Pies, refreshingly minty Grasshopper Pies, creamy Coconut Cloud Pies or grown-up Almond and Amaretto Pies, perfect for dessert with a cup of coffee. Ideal for any celebration, Party Pies offers plenty of creative inspiration. Try a Giant Whoopie Birthday Pie, a towering rainbow-hued Whoopie Pie Croquembouche, or elegant Oyster Pies, each one complete with its own sugar pearl. Get baking today and create your own whoopie pie sensations.


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